In this category the work will be judged specifically on how the medium was used to evoke consumer activation.


Charity work can only be entered into I.07 

L.01 Best use of Experiential Marketing in a Promotional Campaign

including exhibitions, pop-up retail solutions, sports events, music festivals, concerts, trade shows, publicity stunts, interactive events and instalments.


Best use of Ambient and/or Guerilla Marketing in a Promotional Campaign
including small scale ambient media such as out-of-store sampling, glasses, beer mats, flyers, stickers and signage. street teams, street art, street furniture and transit advertising. supersize sites, 3d and non-traditional sites, ticket barriers, floor media, signage, wallscape, digital billboards, window clings and helicopter banners etc.


Best New Product Launch and re-launch or multi-product Promotion at Retail
this includes all new products launched on the market for the first time, products placed again on the market after adapting them to changing market conditions and promotion activities that encompass multiple brands and categories at the same time.


Best Sponsorship or Partnership Campaign
for a campaign that utilized a sponsorship or tie-in partner e.g. sports and entertainment.


Best use of Mobile or other Digital Media in a Promotional Campaign
including bluetooth, mms, sms, wap, pda, gps, tablet, mp3 players, mobile games and applications, qr codes, widgets, mobile marketing, other mobile communication, digital installations.


Best use of Promotion and Experiential Marketing in a Charity Campaign
includes all of the above formats.