• In this category the judges will consider both the idea and the technique. 
  • Charity Entries are eligible in all sub-categories
  • Work entered into I.22 cannot be entered into any other Design sub-category  
  • I.01 Annual Reports and Prospectus
    I.02 Brochure and Catelogue 
    I.03 Poster Design
    I.04 Packaging, Individual
    I.05 Packaging, Range
    I.06 Sustainable Packaging Design
    I.07 Integrated Design 
      cross medium solution. Needs to cover at least 2 mediums. e.g. interactive and print.
    I.08 Entertainment Design - Music/Art/Sport 
    I.09 Large Identity and Application (Above $50,000) 
    I.10 Medium Identity and Application ($20,000 - $50,000)
    I.11 Small Identity and Application (less than $20,000)
    I.12 Environmental Design 
    I.13 Product Design 
    I.14 Publication Design - includes Magazines, Newspapers and Books
    I.15 Innovative Typography, Individual 
    I.16 Innovative Typography, Campaign 
    I.17 Online Publication
    I.18 Design for Film and Television - Movie Titles, Opening Titles, Station Id etc. 
    I.19 Writing for Design 
    I.20 Logos
    I.21 Point of Sale
    I.22 Weird and Wonderful - doesn't belong in any other category