• Campaign entries must consist of three or more components.
  • An print ad can only be entered into Consumer or Trade & Professional and not both.
  • All charity ads in this category can only be entered in C.08 and C.09 and no other sub-category.
  • A2 boards must be submitted with the ad printed the same size as it was published. 
C.01 Consumer Magazine, individual
C.02 Consumer Magazine, campaign
C.03 Newspaper, individual - black and white or spot colour
C.04 Newspaper, individual - colour
C.05 Newspaper, campaign
C.06 Trade & Professional, individual
C.07 Trade & Professional, campaign
C.08 Community service & charity, individual
C.09 Community service & charity, campaign
C.10 Newspaper Supplement, individual
C.11 Newspaper Supplement, campaign

Integrated Campaign 

Campaigns where the printed executions played a significant role in a broader campaign. Judges will evaluate how the print ads contributed to the overall campaign.