• In this category, the judges will be looking primarily at the contribution the specific craft has made within the overall context of the work.
  • In craft categories; the work must have been created by a Production, Post Production, Music Company or relevant craftsperson from Asia, New Zealand or Australia.
  • Charity ads are eligible in all craft categories.
  • Campaigns can be entered into campaign sub-categories only. Anything else must be entered individually.
  • Directors' cuts, agency versions and alike not verified are not eligible. All work must have aired/been published etc. and this needs to be verified by the client. The client is NOT the agency but the company that commissions the work. 

B.01 Direction
Includes design and visual style execution, and characterisation, performance and storytelling execution.
B.02 Cinematography
Outstanding in-camera photography
B.03 Editing
B.04 Animation
Computer generated 3D, 3D modelling, stopframe and cel animation.

Digital Visual Effects
Outstanding digital production techniques for compositing of live action and digital elements.

NOTE: It is mandatory that all entries into B.05 include a before and after/making of video to showcase the technicality of the work (no more than 2 mins).Written descriptions only will not be sufficient for the judging of this sub-category. 

B.06 Original Music
When a track is scored for the particular project.
B.07 Best use and/or arrangement of existing music
When an existing piece of music is chosen or is re-arranged and how that music contributes to the communication.
B.08 Sound Design
B.09 Music Video
B.10 Production Design 
B.11 Casting
B.12 Copywriting, Individual
B.13 Copywriting, Campaign 
B.14 Art Direction, Individual
B.15 Art Direction, Campaign
B.16 Photography, Individual
B.17 Photography, Campaign 
B.18 Digital Enhancement and Manipulation, Individual
B.19 Digital Enhancement and Manipulation, Campaign 
B.20 Billboards
B.21 Digital Posters (out of home) 
B.22 Digital Illustration
B.23 Poster Advertising 
B.24 Press Advertising
B.25 Inserts & Wraps 
B.26 Integrated Campaigns
B.27 Billboards
B.28 Digital Posters (out of home)
B.29 Poster Advertising 
B.30 Press Advertising 
B.31 Inserts & Wraps
B.32 Integrated Campaigns
B.33 On Screen (Any film or branded content where the typography is integral to the overall craft of the work) 
B.34 Digital Adverts
B.35 Digital Utilities and Tools 
B.36 Games
B.37 Websites
B.38 Mobile Adverts
B.39 Apps
B.40 Animation
B.41 Technological Innovation


Branded Entertainment and Content 


The judges will be evaluating the overall impact craft has had on the work.