• All campaign entries must consist of three or more commercials.
  • Charity ads in this section can only be entered in A.09 and A.10.
  • Any work without client varification will not be accepted.
A.01 Television Commercial, individual – less than 30 seconds
A.02 Television Commercial, individual – 30 seconds
A.03 Television Commercial, individual – over 30 seconds
A.04 Television Commercial, campaign – less than 30 seconds
A.05 Television Commercial, campaign – 30 seconds
A.06 Television Commercial, campaign – any length
A.07 Large format screens, individual - any length. Includes cinema and outdoor LCD etc.
A.08 Large format screens, campaign – any length. Includes cinema and outdoor LCD etc.
A.09 Charity, individual – any length
A.10 Charity, campaign – any length
A.11 Interactive film, individual – any length. 
A.12 Interactive film, campaign – any length
  A.11 and A.12 are meant for film & video specifically designed to create user involvement - It should be clearly demonstrated how the viewer was able to interact with the medium.