Please note that AWARD has launched a new call for entries website. Entries are no longer submitted through this site but through our new call for entries portal as outlined below. 


1. Download the AWARD Entry Kit 
Read carefully through this document to choose the categories and sub-categories you wish to enter along with all entry requirements and eligibility rules. 

2. Register/sign up on our new call for entries portal
To sign up and enter visit our new CFE system HERE. 

3. Manage your entries and upload all relevant files for your entries
Once you've created your account on our new system you can then upload your entries. You will have the option to edit, copy and delete entries at this stage. The new call for entries system will now also allow you to 'copy' an entire entry and then edit as required. Please note that you will not be able to finalise your entries until all required files have been uploaded. NOTE: YOU MUST ALSO UPLOAD A SIGNED LETTER FROM THE CLIENT FOR EACH ENTRY AS A PDF FILE IN ORDER FOR THE WORK TO BE DEEMED AS ELIGIBLE FOR THE AWARDS.

4. Enter credits
Once you have created your entries you will need to enter the credit information for all entries. Credits MUST be checked and entered correctly as this information will be used for the AWARD Presentation Evening AND the AWARD Annual in the event that your work is awarded. Please note that you will not be able to finalise your entries until credits have been entered.
Please make sure you list any production companies/ agencies involved as if they are not included it may affect their chances of winning Production Company/ Agency of the Year awards.  

5. Submit your entries
Before you submit entries, please make sure all provided details are correct and uploads are complete, as you won't be able to make any changes once you have submitted your work. Once you add an entry to your 'cart' you will only have 24 hours to make payment (see below under 'payment'). 

6. Payment
Once you've submitted your entries they will be added to your 'cart/checkout' and you must process payment within 24 hours (otherwise you will need to re-add them to your cart from the manage entries section). Please make sure payment is made within the relevant timeframe to get early bird rates/ avoid late fees. If payment is not received within the dates specified you will be charged the additional fees.
Payment can be done online via credit card only. Please note entries will not be processed by AWARD until payment has been received. (AWARD Accepts Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX). A 2% credit card processing fee is applied to all entries. 

7. Send hardcopy materials (for Print, Poster and Outdoor and any samples)

Some categories will require an unmounted A2 presentation image or samples/products to be provided.

Please ensure that you label the back of all unmounted presentation images and samples (with Entry ID and Title)

If you are entering the same work into more than one category you must provide separate hard copies for each category. Material WILL NOT be transferred from category to category during judging.

Please courier  to:

Jean Probert

The Communications Council

AWARD Call-for-Entries


Level 3, 137 Pyrmont Street 

Pymont NSW 2009 


Small items (envelopes only) can be mailed to:

Jean Probert

The Communications Council

PO Box Q1389

Sydney NSW 1230



IMAGES: JPGS (300 dpi) High Resolution. Ideally, images should be larger than 2000 pixels (wide or high)

VIDEOS: Max Size: 250 megabytes MOV or MP4 Format: QuickTime H.264 HD 1080p 25 Frame Size: 1920 * 1080 Frame Rate: 25 fps Progressive Bit rate: VBR 32Mbps Audio: 48kHz, Stereo, 16 bit

RADIO: WAV file. Ensure entry is submitted in Stereo, in a high-quality WAV, 48khz at 16 bits or more. Please ensure the file extension reads .wav or the file will not be accepted by the system. Use the approximate file size guide that 1 second = 500 kb. Please ensure one file contains one commercial only - please do not send multiple commercials in one file.

DOCUMENTS: Client letters need to be uploaded as a pdf.